When you’re all pulling in the same direction, you can get places fast.

For many, team building conjures up visions of archery days, canoeing and building rafts out of plastic barrels. And while those activities have their place (and can be great for morale), our team-building approach is different.

Work teams are happier, more cohesive and productive when each person understands their colleagues’ underlying personality traits: in particular, what they value and their preferred methods of communication.

In our team building sessions, we make use of the MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) tool. This enlightening and engaging method lets your team gain genuine insight into each other, the dynamics of their interactions, and how they can best work together. We’re well aware of the anxieties some staff may have about personality questionnaires, so it’s important to realise that the MBTI method is supportive and does not judge one personality type as superior to others — it’s all about looking at how individuals approach things, and their particular strengths.

The team at Friends of Westonbirt Arboretum greatly enjoyed our Myers-Briggs
training session with Tracy, finding it both fun and very helpful in
understanding our own preferences as well as those of our team mates. We can
now identify, understand and appreciate the different approaches we bring,
and have stronger and more collaborative team relationships as a result.
Thanks, Tracy!

Felicia Willow
Interim CEO, Friends of Westonbirt Arboretum

We feel that when correctly deployed, an MBTI team-building session can result in lasting positive improvement in how an SME team functions — and that’s good for your business on any metric you care to name.

Run by licensed MBTI practitioners, our team-building workshops are offered as half-day or full-day sessions.

Tracy ran a team development day for our Senior Leadership Team and what a productive and insightful experience it was. The day was organised perfectly and Tracy’s skill in facilitating discussions, her extensive knowledge and experience of bringing Myers Briggs to life, and her warm and accepting personality made her the perfect trainer. We all enjoyed the day enormously and stayed engaged for every second of it. Highly recommended!

Jessica Loizou
Head of HR, DTV Group

To find out more about the MBTI tool, watch this video:

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