Crafnant Consulting — a wealth of HR experience.

Operating since 2011, Crafnant Consulting provides businesses with outsourced HR support. Based close to Swindon, Crafnant works with local companies in Swindon and Wiltshire, but also nationally and internationally.

The company was founded, and is managed, by Tracy Madgwick. With a 28 year career in Human Resources, Tracy has amassed a broad and deep experience of all aspects of HR. A former HR director, she has worked for both smaller businesses and large corporate organisations, including those in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

Tracy now works with business owners to help them manage all matters employee related, such as checking contracts and staff handbooks are fit for purpose, advising on employee relations issues, and providing coaching and management development.

She is backed by professional indemnity insurance and works within the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s code of professional conduct.

How we work with you — it’s as important as our advice and support.

Crafnant Consulting works with all sizes of business. We understand the HR challenges that businesses contend with and the personal worries that owners face over HR-related issues. These can be particularly acute when they begin to expand, or at other times of transition. We also know that businesses often need flexible support. Rather than adding full-time staff to their HR provision, they may need help just with a specific issue, or over a particular time period. Crafnant Consulting aims to solve this problem cost-effectively for companies, by providing just the amount of support that is required.

Our consultancy is governed by four principles:

  • Be business-focused but people-centered. In our work, the health of your business is of paramount importance, but our solutions and advice recognise that your success depends ultimately on managing people.
  • Work in partnership with you. Rather than dispensing hypothetical cookie-cutter advice, we take time to understand your business, your team, and your particular set of challenges.
  • Deliver responsive solutions. Our solutions have to work in the real world, adapting to the limits of your resources and time.
  • Add value to your business.  We want to solve the issues that stop you getting on with growing your business – for example, by saving you hours of research. In fact, we want our service to be so valuable to your business, that you return to us for more!

If you would like to learn more about Crafnant Consulting’s background and approach, please get in touch.